Elan Marketing Communications

Our Process Empowers Your Budget

Phase 1: Research

Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How?
Do you know with a great degree of certainty who your customers and prospects really are? What is the existing concept of your marketing message, and how are the results currently proven? Have you checked lately? A successful advertising campaign is built on a foundation of accurate insight into your operations, customers, prospects and competitors. Beyond facts and figures, how much customers trust your business directly translates into brand loyalty - and more business.

Phase 2: Media & Web Strategy

With our Phase 1 discoveries in hand and clear objectives detailed, we work in Phase 2 to design and recommend a media and web strategy that is transparent, measurable, and repeatable.

We provide the best case scenario to empower your brand and you decide what works best for your business. We then deliver a final advertising program complete with calendars, deadlines, contacts and budget - no strings attached or agency add on's. Take it to your existing creative firm or...

Phase 3: Creative

...let us handle it for you! We have built Creative for all aspects of advertising: print, radio, web, e-newsletters and email campaigns, packaging, trade shows, sales presentations, vehicle graphics - you name it, we've aced it. Not only can we deliver beautiful creative, we can handle all aspects of media buying, printer and vendor negotiations.

Need SEO, AdWords, or Facebook campaign creation & management? Let us help build a budget and deliver results.

Phase 4: Program Maintenance

What new opportunities are just over the horizon? What’s the latest research that will add to your bottom line? New industry events or media that will help you reach out within your community?

We can help keep your marketing initiatives fresh and relevant with a proactive maintenance program that allows you to stay ahead of the competition.